The Scoop on Lu-Pins…

Horses of the Sea - A Romantic Dance. Acrylic, Mixed Media & Real Sea Horses. 6" x 6". Lois Kurp, 2017.
Lois Kurp, artist with Horses of the Sea – A Romantic Dance. Acrylic, Mixed Media, 6″ x 6″, 2017.

Lu-Pins are the unique artistic paper creations of Lois Kurp. “Lupines” are also the name of gaily-colored flowers, native to Eastern Canada and Europe (as well as the theme of a Monty Python sketch).

Lois Kurp recently lived in Saskatchewan, Canada and presently resides on the west coast, in Victoria, BC. She originally concentrated her artistic endeavors on flower themes, which have since blossomed into a myriad of colors, textures and mediums.

Besides original multi-media art pieces, Lois’ main focus these days is on custom hand-crafted earrings, which are featured in our galleries.

Lu-Pins have also ventured far beyond their prairie origins and can now be found in a dozen retail locations across western Canada.  (See our retail listings for one near you!)

Lu-Pins Jewelry Designs are low-maintenance and easy to care for! They flourish in warm, nurturing surroundings and do not require water, pruning or growth hormones!  Check out Lois’ latest offerings in our gallery pages.